Best Support Soft Memory Foam Mattress for Back Pain

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Product Description


Pillow Top


10 Inch/25 cm




Twin, Twin XL, Full/Double, Queen, King, Cal king, Customized

Quilting Layer

Knitted  Fabric

Fiber Cotton

Upholstery Layer

Double Layer Memory Foam

Wave Shape Foam

Support Layer

Bonnell Spring


PK Felt + Non-Woven Fabric

Bottom layer

Black Mesh Fabric

Regular Foam

The Structure Can be Customized

Knitted Fabric+Fiber Cotton+Double Layer Memory Foam+Wave Shape Foam+Bonnell Spring+PK Felt+Non-Woven Fabric+Regular Foam+Black Mesh Fabric

1. Knitted Fabric
It has soft texture, good wrinkle resistance and greater flexibility, good moisture permeability, to keep the mattress dry.

2.Memory foam
It can support each part of body evenly and independently, also adapt and response slowly to body weight and temperature, providing full support, comfortable pressure relief to keep the spine upright.

3.Wave Shape Foam
Unique design of egg shape promote air circulation, insulating sound. It is environmental health, non-toxic pollution-free and recyclable.

4.Bonnell Spring
It has the characteristics of strong elasticity, excellent vertical support and never collapse. More to eliminate the body pressure, and improve comfort.

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