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Product Details

Knitted Fabric

Knitted fabric is a textile that results from knitting to form a coil of yarn or filaments.It can be added special fibers and functional processing, such as flame retardant treatment. It has soft texture, good wrinkle resistance and greater flexibility, good moisture permeability, to keep the mattress dry.

Knitted Jacquard Fabric

On the basis of ordinary knitted fabrics, the fabric is woven with jacquard weave, jacquard yarn is added, the yarn branch is fine, the appearance is meticulous and convex, the fabric has colorful and exquisite pattern, and the three-dimensional sense is strong.

Anti-Fouling Knitted fabric

Through the nano antifouling technology treated, the surface of the fabric can form a solid particle compartment, which can effectively block the water and oil pollution penetration, making the fabric lasting new, reducING the number of washing. It can effectively keep clean.

Bamboo Charcoal Knitted Fabric

Bamboo charcoal knitted fabric is a bamboo as raw material, the use of new technology to make bamboo charcoal has an inherent fine pores, then add ordinary knitted fabrics. Hygroscopicity moisture and excellent permeability can absorb harmful substances, and the production process does not produce formaldehyde, environmental health.

Bamboo Fiber Fabric

Bamboo fiber is a kind of new type of textile raw material, which is made of bamboo and treated by special high-tech process. This fiber is hygroscopic breathable, cool and comfortable, healthy and environmentally friendly.

Silver Fiber Knitted Fabric

Silver fiber is a material that decomposes silver into ions and penetrates into the yarn. Fabric woven with silver fiber is an excellent material for shielding electromagnetic radiation. It can reduce static electricity, more comfortable, breathable resistant to washing.

Cool-Max Fiber Knitted Fabric

It is a four-pipe fiber material, the largest space between the four-tube fibers and fibers ensures the best breathability, it can quickly transfers moisture exuding from the skin surface to the outer fibers, and keep the skin fresh, making the body feel more comfortable.

Linen Fabric

Made from a mix of hemp and cotton, combining the comfort of cotton with the breathability of linen. The fabric is comfort skin-friendly, non-irritating to the skin, in line with human health requirements. Not easily deformed, it can not afford the ball.

Linen Jacquard Fabric

In the ordinary cotton fabric, adding refined jacquard weaving, the fabric has exquisite patterns, soft and delicate texture, good gloss, drape and breathability, high color fastness.

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