Health Breathable Pocket Coils for Mattress

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Product Details

Pocket Spring

This is the most representative of a spring bed core, wrapped in non-woven original spring, with glue connection arrangement. Each spring freely rebounds according to the pressure to bear, without interfering with each other. It can fit the body curve, effectively support various parts of the body, decentralized pressure.

Input material:
--Spring Wire(mm):1.0-2.4mm
--High Density Fabric:65-75g
--Border Frame(mm):4.0mm/4.5mm/5.0mm
Spring Coil Configuration:
--Number of Turns:4/5/6/7/8
--Height of Springs:60-250mm
Options:With/Without border frame.Packing:Flat Compressed Packing/Roll Packing.

Our Advantage:

  1. High carbon spring steel wire with High density fabric.

  2. Introducing more and more advanced equipment for better efficiency

  3. We offer sample free-charged(customers cover the freight fees)

  4. Good elasticity

  5. Excellent in quality and reasonable in price

  6. On-time delivery

  7. We can produce any size of springs based on clients' requirements.



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