Good Quality Bonell Spring for Mattress

Bonnell Spring, Bonnell Coil, Bonnell manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Spring Coil Bonnell Spring for Spring Unit Spring Mattress,pocket spring mattress, Support Spring for Mattress Making and so on.

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Bonnell Spring

Bonnell spring is a kind of spring with large caliber, small waist and knotted knot in a circle. It has the characteristics of strong elasticity, excellent vertical support and never collapse. Ultra-light, flexible, vertical support and excellent performance. More to eliminate the body pressure, improve comfort, and it has a certain degree of anti-interference, providing a more solid support force, the bed surface to better adapt to each part of the human body curve.

Bonnell Spring

1. Select high-quality carbon spring steel wire, test strictly and control the tensile strength above 1880Mpa.
2. Equipment is advanced; spring parameter control is precision; the buckle is tight and not loose; the connection wire goes through special treatment; the bed mesh size is standard and the bed mesh will not deform easily and produce no noise.
3. Materials between meshes are thickened and galvanized, so the tautness is high and it will not rust easily.
4. Unique overall heat treatment and sizing process makes the bed mesh not distort or collapse in 20 years.
5. The fatigue test reaches more than 100,000 times or more.



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