High Density Foam Double Size Pocket Spring Mattress

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Product Description


Euro Top


9 inch/23 cm




Twin,Twin XL,Full/Double,Queen,King,Cal king,Customized

Quilting Layer

Knitted  Fabric

High Density Foam

Upholstery Layer

3E Coconut Fiber

Support Layer

Double Layer Pocket Spring


PK Felt + Non-Woven Fabric

Surrounding Layer

Comfortable Check Foam

Regular Foam

Bottom layer

Mesh Fabric

Fiber Cotton

The Structure Can be Customized

Knitted Fabric+High Density Foam +3E Coconut Fiber+Double Layer Pocket Spring +PK Felt + Non-Woven Fabric+Comfortable Check Foam+Regular Foam+Fiber Cotton +Mesh Fabric

1.Knitted Fabric
It has soft texture, good wrinkle resistance and greater flexibility,good moisture permeability, to keep the mattress dry.

2.High Density Foam
It features the perfect amount of cushioning and stiffness. It is soft but still holds its firmness and support for an individual to sit on it without compressing the foam too much.

3.3E Coconut Fiber
With coconut mixed with polyester filament pressed, the fiber haven't synthetic adhesive. Good flexibility, not easy to collapse, it is more environmentally friendly than the traditional coconut fiber .

4.Pocket Spring
It can fully fit human body,providing different degree of hard and soft support, giving effective rebound according to the movement in sleep, and to ensure healthy spine stretch.

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