50D Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam

50D Cool Gel Infused Memory Foam

Gel Memory Foam is a unique material that infuses gel particles into viscoelastic memory foam, creating a plusher and cooler sleeping material. Gel memory foam is more porous or open than conventional foam, meaning the cells are interconnected unlike closed cell foam; thereby is more breathable and comfortable than higher density visco-elastic foam. The open-celled physical structure of our foams is self-ventilating. Air is able to travel throughout the material and actually dissipate body heat regulating your body temperature. Gel Memory foam is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria and dust mites.

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          Gel Memory Foam is a unique material that infuses gel particles into viscoelastic memory foam, creating a plusher and cooler sleeping material. Gel memory foam is more porous or open than conventional foam, meaning the cells are interconnected unlike closed cell foam; thereby is more breathable and comfortable than higher density visco-elastic foam. The open-celled physical structure of our foams is self-ventilating. Air is able to travel throughout the material and actually dissipate body heat regulating your body temperature. Gel Memory foam is naturally antimicrobial and resistant to allergens, mold, bacteria and dust mites. 


On the basis of the latex, a large amount of dew-type gel particles are infused, which is

cool and breathable. It can well take away the heat accumulated in the body during sleep,

keep the body surface temperature in a cool state. Its soft texture relieves body pressure

and greatly improves sleep quality.

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