10inch Home Funiture Memory Foam Bed Mattress

10inch Home Funiture Memory Foam Bed Mattress

Wholsale China High Quailty Custom For Twin,Queen Memory Foam Mattress Help to support your body along the curves and natural lines of the body. with top quality memory foam and firm base support,this memory foam mattress provides a restful and comfortable night's sleep Edge Reduce back, neck,joint pain

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10inch Home Funiture Memory Foam Bed Mattress

• Cover

Various jacquard knitting, polyester, washable zipper, nonslip bottom.

Also can do logo and add cotton, bamboo, aloe on the outer according to customers' indication.


• Filling

Self-manufacture soft high density memory foam on top and reflex foam on base.

Fireproof material is available.


You may think it would be impossible to get an idea of firmness shopping online. However, when you take a look at the indentation load deflection, you can make a more informed decision than you probably realized. The higher the ILD rating, the firmer you can expect the product to be.

There is quite a range, so I’ll let you know the softer and harder end of things. A product with an ILD of 12 would be very soft while 50 would be a very firm product. Therefore, if you prefer something in the middle, that would put you somewhere around the mid to upper 20’s. As you analyze the top layers, you’ll typically find an ILD of around 12-16 for comfort. However, when you make your way down to the support layers, they typically increase. Your overall ILD considers all the layers as a combined unit.


cool gel mattress



If a good night's sleep is important to you, then stop settling for less and experience the incredible comfort of a memory foam mattress This incredible mattress features a 3-inch layer of 5-pound density. Nasa developed memory foam on top of a 5", 2.5-pound density supportive base layer of traditional foam. The temperature-sensitive memory foam adjusts to your unique sleeping style to provide the ultimate in pressure-relieving comfort. Made from 100-percent hypoallergenic materials, this mattress is ideal for those who suffer from allergies. A removable cover makes maintaining your mattress simple and easy.


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