Advantage of memory foam pillow
- Mar 29, 2018 -

1: pillow waveform design

The waveform design of the memory cotton pillow is most in line with the physiological curve of the human body, forming the support of the cervical vertebrae. The thermal plasticity function of the space memory cotton makes the pillow and the head and the neck fit more perfectly, and overcomes the problem of the cervical vertebra deformation caused by the suspension of the traditional circular or oval pillow when the neck is suspended.

2: moderate hardness

Memory cotton pillows are moderately soft and hard. The magic of it is that it feels soft, but your pillow is not soft. This softness achieves a perfect level of comfort that can both support the head and neck. A stiff pillow can cause slight numbness or soreness in the head, ears, neck, back, arms, hands, etc.; a soft pillow can hardly keep the pillow well-supported to the neck and head.

3: Good comfort

Due to the unique slow rebound characteristics of the memory foam, the pressure on the head and the cervical spine is almost zero. It is very comfortable and the head and neck have good blood circulation, which is conducive to deep sleep.

4: Breathability

Memory foam pillows have a natural breathability, cool in winter and cool in summer, and can also inhibit mold and bacteria. Breathable pillows are prone to sweating in summer, and tend to accumulate bacteria. They also cannot guarantee adequate breathing during sleep. Children may have potential safety problems. The memory foam pillow has overcome these problems and become the healthiest pillow in the new era.