AH fireproof mattress to USA
- Apr 24, 2018 -

In order to meet export standards, many furniture companies have chosen flame retardants. However, in recent years, with regard to the toxicity of flame retardants and the negative impact on the environment, several states in the United States have proposed legislation to restrict the use of specific flame retardants in consumer products.

As an export company, AH sells mattresses to the United States without the use of flame retardants that are toxic, but instead uses high-temperature, non-flammable fiberglass cloth, and even lighted cigarettes will not burn. After the globally recognized benchmark for quality and integrity SGS, it complies with the United States federal 16 DFR Part 1633 mattress flame retardant standards.

This material, which is made of waste glass, can withstand high temperatures of 300°C and can be used directly as a household fire fighting artifact.

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