Choose The Mattress According To Body Condition
- Jan 29, 2018 -

1.   Age. We recommend the elderly and young people choose a harder mattress, children under the age of ten choose a little harder, the other age options soft and hard moderate.

2.  Body curve. If the body is overweight, the body curve is not so obvious, I suggest you choose a strong supportive mattress and rigid mattress, if the body curve is more obvious, you can choose a little softer mattress, allowing the body lying in bed When the curve was horizontal. If the couple's body size is inconsistent, you can choose a pocket spring mattress.

3.  Sleep habits. To match the pillow with the mattress, the vast majority of people are used to sleep  side-by-side, the most important thing is to compare the type of mattress previously used before, if used to sleep hard mattress, do not suddenly replaced by a very soft mattress , Suggested a little softer than before. So if the bed change, then if no problem with age and spine soft bed to change, but the best step by step.

4. Spine condition. Have a lumbar disc herniation do not sleep soft bed, the best hard bed, muscle strain, then recommend the choice of a little soft mattress, more serious strain of lumbar muscle can be considered to sleep when the waist pad a pillow.