Development of mattress industry
- Feb 19, 2018 -

Each painful sleepless night has its own pain, every night to sleep safely have a good mattress.  Mattress production at the time required a lot of manual labor, so the price is expensive, the price of each mattress is about $ 12, is a luxury few people can afford.  In those days, workers worked eight hours a day to make money, but at night they slept on thick ropes or hardwood boards with straw, cotton or horsehair mats.  In 1876, Simmons and nine of his employees began producing spring bed, changing the history of mattresses and human sleep habits.

Simmons mattress, used at first is not reliable, because the spring sometimes loose, sleep in the above people sometimes worry about will be punctured by his bed body, but compared with the previous mattress is much easier, also much more comfortable.  The first person to sleep on Simmons mattresses in China was empress dowager cixi, who entered the Chinese market in the 1930s and was popular among celebrities.


In addition to Simmons mattresses, there are water beds to improve people's sleep.  Water mattresses date back as early as 3,000 years, when Persians reportedly made water bags out of goatskin and slept on them after sunbathing. As the water bed integrates furniture, home appliances and fitness equipment in three fields of multi - functional, so just put on the market is very popular with customers, in the United States and Europe quickly promoted.