Do not tear the film on the mattress
- May 21, 2018 -

Why is this? There are three main reasons:

1 The role of the membrane = food packaging.

In fact, that layer of film is equivalent to the outer packaging of the mattress, the role is to protect the mattress will not be dirty during transport. Just like we buy foods, we need to unpack them.

2 The film is opened without affecting the quality of sleep.

Studies have shown that about one liter of water is drained through sweat glands etc. overnight. Too much moisture in the sleeping environment will increase the number of times of turning and affect the quality of sleep.

The film is opened and the moisture that your body emits will be sucked away by the mattress. Mattresses can also distribute this moisture into the air when you are not sleeping

3 Open the membrane without damaging the life of the mattress

Breathable mattresses are also less prone to bacteria and aphids. The internal structure of the mattress can be prevented from being damaged, resulting in a shortened service life.

In addition to this, there are a lot of mattresses in the day to see if you're on the move.