How can become a Sleeping Beauty?
- Apr 14, 2018 -

Yes, sleep is a technology and I understand it. Good sleeping people can become "sleeping beauty." What are the technical points for this technology to be mastered?

Turn off electronic products 

Since we knew the N+1 hazards of sleeping at night, we forced ourselves to bed before 11 o'clock. However, for the time of the day, we have given work and entertainment. We are too precious at night and we are not willing to fall asleep early. To chase drama, to brush microblogging friends circle, to play games, to see the game, etc., can not be separated from the "electronic partner" us, lying in bed, in fact, is not sleeping.

Studies have shown that electronic products can reduce the secretion of melatonin by 22%, and the reduction of melatonin can cause the circadian clock to become chaotic and cause insomnia. So, one hour before bedtime, we have to turn off the electronic device and then go to bed so that we can sleep better.

Do not fall asleep with "mind" 

Many people, after a busy day, used to lie in bed to make a summary of today and plan for tomorrow. Or tangled with "what to wear tomorrow," and then with this "mind" over and over again, unable to sleep.

Therefore, if there is a plan for tomorrow, you may wish to put it on the notepad before going to bed, clear everything, and sleep well with no trouble. For "what to wear tomorrow," find clothes in the closet and go to bed without thoughts.

Change comfortable bedding 

Improper cooking utensils can directly lead to poor sleep quality, affecting the entire person's spirit, and skin condition. For example, sleeping on a mattress that does not have enough support can cause back pain, stumbling, and falling asleep. Sleeping on a poorly breathable mattress makes us often wake up in the middle of the night, and even worse. Bacterial aphids produce skin allergies.

Therefore, a mattress with strong support and good air permeability is important for sleeping. Focused on the sleep field in the United States, the 87-year-old Suda mattress has its unique core technology “Miao Dekou” continuous spring support system. It adopts an innovative five-area design and can provide sufficient support for the human body; another core technology is soft. The quilted layer increases the surface air permeability of the mattress and also provides soft protection, reduces torsion and reverses, and helps us to enter deep sleep.