how to buy a mattress
- Apr 19, 2018 -

People spend one-third of their day in bed and see the importance of sleep! Only if you sleep well can you be good! Therefore, our editors and industry experts personally went into the factory and used their personal experience to teach everyone how to buy a mattress!

"To judge the quality of a mattress, the most important thing is the spring system."

In all the mattress spring systems, there are three types of wire springs, wire springs (independent chain springs) and independent pocket springs. Experts said that the general purchase of mattresses, as far as possible not to choose the drawing spring, because the drawing spring noise is relatively large, the quality is also poor, the general high-end mattress will not choose the basic drawing spring.

The characteristics of the round spring: The whole mattress has a separate round spring firmly worn together, so that the whole mattress becomes one. The springs and the springs do not rub against each other, and there is no noise. It is even safer to fall asleep.

The characteristics of the independent pocket spring: Some people certainly feel puzzled, what is the independent pocket spring? In simple terms, each individual body spring is pressed into a bag using a non-woven fabric bag, and then arranged in an interlocking manner, and then glued together to form a bed net. Independent spring pocket mattresses because each spring body is individually operated, independent support, and can be individually retractable, so that one of the two lying on the person turned or left, and the other will not be affected in the slightest, can ensure that sleep is stable and comfortable.

Each individual spring is loaded into a non-woven bag.

Stress alone, do not interfere with each other. A spring is under pressure,

The surrounding does not affect this, so the mattress fits better

The better mattress spring systems on the market today are the springs and the pocket springs. The independent pocket spring is better than the round spring:

1, the structure of the independent pocket spring is small on both sides of the middle, so you can clearly see when the squeeze springs do not rub each other, that is to say can be 0 noise;

2, because of the independent expansion and contraction of the spring function, so the plane of the mattress force evenly, will not oppress the capillaries of the human body, to avoid feeling tired and sore.

3, more flexible than the round spring, the mattress feels more soft and comfortable.

Experts say that there will be a phenomenon in which a spring is used to impersonate a pocketed spring. How do you identify the two spring mattresses when you buy?

It's simple, touch it

When consumers purchase mattresses, they can touch the mattress spring system from the side. The pocketed springs are olive-shaped, and the two heads are large in the middle; the round springs, on the other hand, are the opposite of the two heads and are concave in shape. So when the two springs form a plane, we touch each other by hand. If we feel that we have pushed a few centimeters and feel the steel wire, it is a round spring.

If there is a trader who is more sophisticated, it may make the outermost layer an independent pocket spring with a round spring inside, so that the owner can't distinguish with the “side touch” method. At this time, everyone can press the mattress. If a place is pressed down and the surrounding area is not affected, it is an independent pocket spring that does not interfere with each other!