How To Choose A Good Spring Mattress
- Jan 24, 2018 -


When it comes to buying a spring mattress, the key points to compare include the type of spring, the number of springs, and the diameter of the spring.


1. Spring types


Most spring mattresses on the market include the following types of spring systems:

  • Pocket spring are by far the most popular type of spring, consisting of a single spring, wrapped in fabric. This type is believed to best support the body and block movement.Most mattresses currently use pocket spring at a higher frequency.


  • Bonnell spring is a kind of spring with large caliber, small waist and knotted knot in a circle. It has the characteristics of strong elasticity, excellent vertical support and never collapse. More to eliminate the body pressure, improve comfort, and has a certain degree of anti-interference, providing a more solid support force, the bed surface to better adapt to each part of the human body curve.


  • The continuous spring is made of high-precision steel after two heat treatments. The entire spring is made of steel wire and is extremely flexible and economical. The advantage is the high production efficiency, greatly reducing the cost of steel, the overall elasticity of the take the overall non-fault structure, in line with the natural curve of the human spine, you can get an appropriate, unified support.


2. Number of springs


It means the number of springs covered inside the mattress. Although a small number of springs may mean poor support and short life, too much may cause the mattress to over-high firmness. So the appropriate number of springs for the purchase of mattresses is a very important indicator.


3. Spring wire diameter


Wire diameter refers to the thickness of the wire in the spring coil. The thicker the wire, the more generally it feels harder and may be more durable. The fine lines give the impression that the mattress is softer and more elastic, but it can wear faster.