How to distinguish the fabric of the mattress
- Apr 19, 2018 -

With a very high weight mattress fabric, we can clearly see that the density of the knitted fabric is very large, and the gap between the line and the line is small. Feeling thicker, smoother and smoother, if pressed hard, you can clearly feel the resilience and no sound. The wear resistance of mattresses, experts say, is not something that can be detected by hand, but by a professional machine. The useful life of a good mattress is up to 15 years.

At first glance, the gap is small and the density is high

Second touch, feel smooth, thick fabric

“High-quality fillers determine the service life of the mattress and the direct experience of consumers”

The quality of a mattress, in addition to fabrics and springs, filled with accessories is also very important. With the development of emerging materials in the market, there are more and more tricks for mattress accessories, and it is easy to find more trouble in this area, such as drowning, cutting corners, and saving costs. If you choose a mattress, you can't ignore it.