How to relieve sleep disorders
- Apr 13, 2018 -

Psychological regulation - "despise" sleep: Sleep is the natural reaction of the human body, do not artificially control emotions and thinking, follow the natural attitude, but can fall asleep;

Behavioral regulation - develop a good sleep habit: before going to bed through a fixed habit, such as soaking in hot water feet, listening to lyrical music, etc.; after going to bed to empty the brain, looking for one of their most comfortable posture, gently breathing; to a certain point to get up, Even if you still want to sleep at this time, you must wake up immediately;

Naked sleep method - complete relaxation: the nakedness removes the restraint of the clothes on the body, gives a sense of unfettered comfort, and is conducive to blood circulation and secretion of sebaceous glands, sweat glands, so naked sleep helps to relax and eliminate Fatigue, promote deep sleep;

Comfortable bedding - to create a comfortable sleep environment: sleep, lying on a comfortable mattress such as the United States Shuda mattress, quiet and comfortable sleep environment can accelerate the body into sleep, and support the mattress can reduce the sleep Turn over time and exert a decompression effect on the body to ensure a good night's sleep.

Note: If you take all the measures is still not effective, you need to seek the help of psychological and sleep experts, if you continue insomnia for a long time, seriously affecting your health, you need to seek medical attention.