How to solve the homogeneity of mattress products?
- Apr 02, 2018 -

In Google, Baidu search "mattress" two words, there are many well-known unknown mattress brands. There are many mattress brands and the competition is fierce. It is difficult for the mattress industry to fall into the strange circle of product homogenization. How to solve the problem of homogenization of products and allow their brands to occupy a favorable situation in the competition, I believe it is also a question that mattress executives are thinking about. At present, the homogeneity of mattress companies is manifested in several aspects: homogenization of product selling points, homogenization of sales remarks, homogenization of terminal displays, and homogenization of sales promotion methods. Everyone is talking about health, environmental protection, air defense, ventilation, and vertebral protection. From this shop to that shop, the display furnishings are similar, and in the end it is impossible to remember what the shopkeeper is seeing. Promotions are even the same as "discounts." Pillows and the like are nothing new. As time goes by, they lose their appeal to consumers.

To solve the problem of homogenization of mattress products, we must start from two aspects, "product innovation" and "differentiated marketing" is more effective. Strengthen innovations in raw materials, materials, production, and processing techniques of mattresses to enhance the competitiveness of products. Differentiated marketing requires us to upgrade the store's image of the mattress company. The change of the old appearance will increase the freshness of customers and shape the brand image to distinguish it from competitors. In addition, to strengthen the shopping guide training, to improve their sales skills and service levels, the terminal is very important, the equivalent of the brand's face. For promotions, new and strange, you must be able to attract the attention of customers at a glance, or you would rather not do it.