Introduction Of Special Non-woven Material
- Jan 19, 2018 -

Adding a non-woven bag with special material that has health care function in the mattress , the new combination can slowly massage the body to relieve stress and improve sleep quality.

There are some introduction about the effect of non-woven bags filled with special materials.

1. Cassia non-woven

Filled with high-quality cassia seeds, this round particles of non-woven  can massage the body to promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue and rapid sleep. It has soothing nerves and heat refreshing effect.


2. Bamboo charcoal non-woven

Filling pure natural bamboo charcoal, the use of pull-resistant non-woven packaging make this new non-woven can effectively block the carbon powder leakage, and bamboo charcoal porous structure has excellent adsorption, can improve air quality and sleep quality, eliminating fatigue.


3. Mugwort leaf non-woven

Selecting high-quality mugwort leaf after high-temperature treatment  as raw material, with a non-woven outer wrap, this non-woven production process does not add any chemical agents. It has dehumidified air, anti-bacterial and anti-mite effect.