Mattress flame retardant standard
- Apr 24, 2018 -

With the popularity of soft furniture, the fire has developed faster than before. According to research, the average time for people to escape from the original 17 minutes reduced to the current 3 minutes.

According to survey data from the fire department, the number of fatal accidents ignited by bedding in domestic deaths caused by residential fires each year is as high as 12%.

There are bad news and good news about flame retardant standards

The bad news is that China currently does not have mandatory flame-retardant standards for furniture products. The current "Evaluation of the anti-ignition properties of soft furniture spring mattresses and sofas" and "Burning performance requirements and labels of flame-retardant products and components in public places" are not mandatory requirements.

The good news is that as the world's largest furniture manufacturing country, many companies will set up "flame-retardant standards for enterprises" with reference to the standards of developed countries such as the United States. Among them, the flame retardant standards in the United States are the most well-known.

As early as 30 years ago, the United States introduced federal laws on flame-retardant mattresses. As the study progresses, standards have also increased year by year.

As the study progresses, standards are also increasing year by year. According to research conducted by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), during the family fire incident received by the fire department from 1999 to 2002, the number of cases caused by fires on bedding and mattresses occupied the first place.

However, if households use non-flammable mattresses (especially at the beginning of a fire), the chances of users escaping will be greatly increased, and the fire death rate can be reduced by 80%.

In 2006, the United States Consumer Goods Commission unanimously adopted a more demanding federal standard. Experts predict that the implementation of this standard will most likely save 330 people each year and 1680 people will not be injured.

do you know? The flame retardant standard is so tested

At present, there are two standards in the United States for flame-retardant mattresses. They are 16 CFR 1632 and 16 CFR 1633, respectively. The former mainly tests cigarettes, while the latter tests open flames.

The test of cigarettes is relatively simple. After the sample is subjected to constant temperature and humidity treatment, at least 18 cigarettes are placed on the surface of the sample to be used, one half is exposed to the air, and the other half is covered with a standard cloth. As long as the scorch length of the scorched cigarette does not exceed 2 inches, which is the length of the ordinary person's little finger, it is considered as the target.

In the more common open fires in daily life, the detection process is to expose the mattress to fire under open flames. The side of the mattress was allowed to burn for 50 seconds, and the upper part of the mattress continued to burn for 70 seconds before removing the fire source. Within 30 minutes after the fire has left, the mattress flame must gradually extinguish itself.

As a standard written into U.S. federal law, all mattresses sold in the United States must undergo such flame-retardant "bake" tests.