Mattress index boom indicator
- Feb 05, 2018 -


In the world, the United States is the mattress industry started the earliest countries, with 100 years of mattress history. From the earliest simple spring mattress, pocket spring mattress independent, nearly two decades to the development of latex mattresses, memory foam mattresses, technology gradually increased, the United States has been the benchmark for the development of mattresses.

More than a third of our lives are spent in bed, the mattress is naturally a consumable, the United States is the world's most countries to replace the mattresses, mattress replacement speed faster than the Chinese people to replace the phone faster , But in times of economic crisis, mattresses have become durable consumer goods. In 2009, Simmons declared bankruptcy, which is already the company's seventh bankruptcy. Since 1986, Simmons has filed for bankruptcy protection for six times. The sales of the 100-year-old Simmons Company has stalled and its performance has been declining severely. As a result, it has to seek bankruptcy protection.

Therefore, some economists regard the "mattress index" as an important indicator of economic prosperity: when the economy is booming, people are in a good mood and the mattress sales are booming. When the economy is sluggish, things are not going smoothly, mattress sales will plummet.