Mattress odor to be valued
- Apr 21, 2018 -

Newly purchased mattresses will have an odor, I believe many people have had similar experience. However, few people are concerned about what this odor is. More people are accustomed to this situation. “This is the smell of a new mattress. The mattress is worn out and it has no taste.” This idea is wrong. Mattresses are not sachets. Why must they have "smells"? This "smell" is not a good smell, will it affect human health?

of course. The culprit responsible for the odor of the mattress is formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical substance with a wide range of industrial uses that can be used to make adhesives, coatings and dyes. In the production process of the mattress, in order to make the core compact, stereotypes, businesses will use a lot of adhesive. The formaldehyde in the adhesive is slowly released into the air and people breathe formaldehyde into it. When a person sleeps, the mouth and nose are very close to the mattress, so if there is formaldehyde pollution on the mattress, it will not only pollute the indoor environment, but also adverse to human health.