Mattress suitable for the patient
- May 08, 2018 -

Memory foam is really leading the way in the mattress world these days. The firm but soft texture of memory foam is not only great for those who need the added support due to ailments or injury, but there is pretty much a memory foam mattress to suit all types of sleeper. 

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The main thing to consider when buying the best memory foam mattress for you is how you sleep. Side and back sleepers will get on really well with a medium to soft memory foam such as the Tempur Cloud Luxe 30 Memory Foam Mattress in our top spot. If you are heavier or have a particular injury then a firm mattress may provide more comfort and support.

If you tend to get very hot in your sleep, you can opt for a hybrid memory foam option such as the AH Mattress which is made from latex foam that is designed to keep you cooler. We’ve rounded up the best for comfort so read on to find out more about the best memory foam mattress for you.