New concept promotes ecological consumption of mattresses
- Apr 03, 2018 -

During the "3.15" period this year, Guizhou Nature introduced a new mattress called the "Qingya" series that allows consumers to "sleep naturally and naturally wake up." This is the pinnacle of the "Three-Stage Sleep Theory" of the Natural Mattress, which has led to an upsurge of ecological consumption in the mattress market.

At four o'clock in the world, spring, summer, autumn and winter, all things in the world, there is awake. Natural sleep, naturally awake, should have been the healthiest state of human sleep. However, with the development of human society, the pace of urban life is accelerating, and the quality of sleep has become a public issue. There are many factors that affect the quality of sleep, such as psychological factors, physical factors, and sleep environment, among which the quality of mattresses affects sleep quality. More and more people are paying attention.

Natural mattresses ranked first in the "Brand Industry Brand Index of Mattress Industry" evaluated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, for the first time, were themed as "Nature to wake up naturally," and they were consumers during the annual 3.15 consumer rights day. Sleep custom is your own exclusive sleep moment. Nature mattresses believe that the maintenance of consumer rights is not only on the March 15th day, but on every day and night, the integrity of 3.15, quality can be seen, not only the maintenance of consumer rights, but also Nature mattresses guarantee the health of consumers' sleep.

Over the years, nature mattresses adhere to the practice of green production methods. With natural fiber as the material, every mattress created is eco-friendly and environmentally-friendly, providing consumers with green care for the continued health of their sleep. Nature's mattress adopts the theory of "Three-stage intimate design scientific segmentation support" to make a perfect solution to the mattress industry problem of "supportability and comfort incompatibility", natural brown silk and natural latex disposable pressure Synthetic, plant fiber elastic mattress liner provides strong support for mattresses. Natural fabrics and elastic materials are selected to construct the sustained release layer and comfort layer of the mattress so as to meet the needs of different people for mattress support and comfort. Supporting their sleep.

How to make nature mattress consumers "natural sleep, naturally wake up"? Nature's new "Qingya" series of new products is the new peak of the "Three-Stage Sleep Theory" of nature mattresses. The segmented design of its support layer, sustained-release layer and comfort layer is well integrated with the mattresses of consumers. The comfort and support needs are naturally natural sleep energy fields that allow users to sleep quietly and gracefully. According to reports, the natural structure of the elegant mattress is divided into six layers. The mattress support layer uses the 6CM bamboo charcoal factor elastic material and the upper and lower 5CM natural brown silk plant fiber liner three-layer structure. The super support is not deformed and the circulation is breathable. Provides the most appropriate and comfortable support for all areas of the body. Six centimeters of bamboo charcoal factor elastic material can continuously absorb odor, release oxygen, regulate temperature and humidity, purify the sleeping environment, and improve sleep quality; 2CM natural latex emulsion release provided by elegant mattresses The layer is perfectly fitted to the human body, with constant temperature comfort, sustained release pressure, and a comfortable layer of skin-friendly cotton fabrics to care for every inch of skin and to experience the ultimate in soft sleepiness.

As a leading manufacturer of mattresses in China, Nature Mattress has paid attention to the country's promotion of “promoting the construction of ecological civilization.” This makes natural people who have always insisted on the production of ecological mattresses feel excited. The theme of "Nature Awakening by Natural Sleep", the theme of the 3.15 consumption of natural mattresses, is undoubtedly the most vivid interpretation of ecological civilization in the sleep field. “What should we do to promote the construction of ecological civilization as an ordinary consumer? To vigorously promote the concept of ecological consumption and actively select ecological products at the time of consumption will certainly contribute to the construction of ecological civilization. Nature believes that it is practical for consumers to use practical actions. Participating in ecological protection can be used to force businesses to develop and popularize high-standard ecological consumer products, so as to form ecological civilization with economic forces in the whole society.Natural mattresses have been insisting on the development and research of ecological mattresses for so many years. Production can not be separated from the market incentives, if you leave the support of consumers, it is unthinkable." Talking about ecological civilization, deputy general manager of Nature Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Ren Wen expressed this.

He said that for the sound of consumer quality, to speak with product quality, Nature Mattress has been committed to healthy sleep theory and plant material research, the revolutionary use of plant fibers in mattress production, completely abandoned the use of metal springs, sponges The traditional practice of producing chemical mattresses and mattresses has truly fulfilled the quality requirements of human health, safety, comfort, and environmental protection. Natural sleep and natural awakening have improved the quality of sleep from natural mattresses.