The advantages of non-woven cleaning cloths
- Oct 14, 2018 -

As a new product of eco-friendly and environmental protection industry, non-woven cloth dishcloth has gradually entered our life and brought many conveniences to our daily life. What are the advantages of non-woven fabric cleaning cloth?

First, let's talk about its oil removal effect. Non-woven cloth dishcloth is made of lipophilic fibers, which can quickly adsorb oily substances when in contact with them, and also reduce friction on fine surfaces.

Secondly, its dust absorption effect is obvious. It can quickly and efficiently absorb dirt and dust and reduce the trouble caused by cleaning.

The third is its versatility, in addition to household cleaning, can also wipe DSL, PSP fuselage and screen, LCD display, computer TV display, camera lens, precision instrument surface, cars and CD-ROM and other items.

Finally, there is an obvious advantage is environmental protection, it can be repeatedly cleaned, reused, and it's biodegradable