The benefits of memory pillow
- Apr 23, 2018 -

The main raw material of the memory pillow is polyurethane. At first, this material was used on the shuttle as an astronaut's function to relieve stress. Later, the research found that this material can effectively support the cervical spine, decompose the pressure, and is very ergonomic. It can be said that It is the gospel of cervical spondylosis.

Waterproof and breathable

The memory pillow is a porous material, so when you open the internal material of the memory foam, you will find a lot of small holes above it. It is very breathable. Because of its fine fibers, the water and oil are generally not passed, but the water vapor emitted by the human body can indeed penetrate. Makes it more comfortable than a normal pillow.

Blocking locusts

Because of the special physical structure of memory cotton, it has good anti-penetration function of solid particles, which means that we can't penetrate the invisible locusts and dust, and can block the invasion of maggots and bacteria. The pillow is the most likely to breed maggots, so it is more suitable.

Dispersion pressure

The memory cotton has the ability of automatic shaping and has the characteristics of slow rebound. Therefore, the force on the head is very even, and the pressure on the head pillow is reduced to the greatest extent. At the same time, the head can be fixed and the possibility of stiff neck is reduced. The shape of the shoulder fills the gap and prevents cervical spondylosis.

We don't need pillows that are too elastic, because the elasticity is too good, which means that there is a reaction force on the head that can make the pressure on the head increase and make you fall asleep more tired. The rebound of the pillow needs a proper force, which can support the head, and the memory pillow just fits.