The difference between memory foam and foam
- Apr 26, 2018 -

Sponge is familiar to all of us. It has good elasticity and can be used to make pillows, mattresses and other products. Memory cotton is indeed unfamiliar to many people. What are the differences between them?

Memory foam is also a type of sponge. It has a name called memory foam. Memory cotton was developed by NASA scientists to protect astronauts during high-speed flight. The difference between memory cotton and sponge is that it incorporates many special substances, such as modified polyether polyols, cell openers, and special silicone oils.

Memory foam with slow rebound

Memory foam has many different characteristics compared to sponges. The sponge is only elastic. Memory cotton is not only flexible but also sticky. It is a viscoelastic material. Memory cotton is also called slow rebound space cotton because it slowly recovers its original shape after being stressed. The sponge is immediately restored to its original shape. Memory foam also has the temperature-sensing characteristics not found in ordinary sponges. Functionally, there is a huge difference between memory cotton and sponges. Memory cotton mattresses and pillows have very powerful health benefits such as improving sleep quality, protecting the health of the spine, and avoiding and alleviating body aches and pains. Ordinary sponges do not have these effects.