The earliest mattresses date back to 77,000 years
- Feb 18, 2018 -

One of the oldest " beds" is well preserved, dating back to 77,000 years.  Dr wade's team found a few square meters of layered plant remains, the lower layer is about a centimeter thick, composed of Cyperus, rush, the upper layer is less than a centimeter thick, just like a sheet, the " sheet" is a thick shell laurel plant leaves, it can release the chemical composition of killing insects, so can prevent flea and other arthropods to bite.

 Dr wadley believes that this layer of straw mat is the mattress of the residents at that time.  They may also move or work on it, similar to the way tatami is used in contemporary Japanese houses.  These bedding have traces of regular burning, perhaps the measures taken by the ancients to remove pests or dispose of garbage.

 The largest mattresses have been found to be 2 square meters in size for use with the family and are about 30 cm thick, comfortable and durable.  Hunter - gatherers tend to live in close quarters with blood relatives, presumably in the same age as the stone age, where parents, children, grandparents, etc. We can assume they share a mattress for bedtime.