The Evolution Of The Bed And Mattress
- Jan 15, 2018 -


(1) 10000 years ago, primitive people began to sleep in the most primitive "bed".

(2) In 3400 BC, the Pharaoh of Egypt found it more comfortable to lay wooden racks on the ground. Among them, King Tutankahmen owns a bed made of rosewood and gold, while most people have beds of palm leaves at home.

(3) Age of the Roman Empire (27B.C-395A.D): The Romans invented the waterbed, and the sleepy man was lying on his cradle in warm water and then carried to a row of cradles , And then gently shake until it fell asleep.

(4) Renaissance (8th-9th century): The mattress is covered with pea shells or stalks or feathers, lined with luxurious velvet, brocade and silk.

(5) 16th-17th century: Mattresses are usually stuffed with straw or feathers and placed on a hemp-woven hammock.

(6) At the end of the 18th century: the bed made of pig iron and cotton mattress was born. At the same time, this sleep mode reduces the worries caused by insects. Prior to this, even the aristocracy of the royal palace also regarded the "coexistence with insects" as an inevitable phenomenon.

(7) The first spring mattress was born in 1865.

(8) Nineteen thirties: Spring mattresses and various bed frames are highly competitive, there are many well-known brands are still active in the United States and Canada.

(9) 1940s: FUTONS (Japanese mattress) was first introduced to North America.

(10) 1950s: Foam, latex mattresses and pillows began to appear on the market.

(11) The 1960s: the birth of a modern water bed, lifting the bed group has also been gradually favored by consumers.

(12) In the 1980s, air mattresses were born.