The role of memory foam pillows
- Apr 26, 2018 -

What are the hazards and advantages of memory cotton pillows? The role of memory cotton pillow A memory foam pillow material can prevent bacteria, not only inhibit the proliferation of mold, and drive away the harmful odor produced by mold growth. In the case of sweat saliva, the effect is more prominent.

The role of memory cotton pillows Second, the reason for the permeability of the memory foam pillows is that each cell unit of the memory cotton pillow is interconnected, excellent moisture absorption performance, but also breathable.

The role of memory cotton pillow three, memory cotton pillow has the role of absorbing pressure and impact, when sleeping on the skin feel no pressure, it can be said that zero pressure sleep. And when we have ordinary pillows, there is the problem of pressing the pinna, but using a memory foam pillow can avoid this situation.

The role of memory cotton pillow four, memory cotton pillow, the biggest characteristic of memory deformation, the most obvious is the ability to automatically shape the head can be fixed, reducing the occurrence of stiff neck; automatic shaping ability can be a good fill shoulder gap, reduce because of the shoulders Some of the common problems caused by leaking from the bed can effectively prevent cervical problems.