Use memory foam pillows to avoid stiff pillows?
- Apr 10, 2018 -

In addition to "height," "material" and "ergonomic shape design" determine whether the pillow is suitable and comfortable. The memory pillow is uniquely superior in terms of material and shape plasticity, so it can effectively alleviate sleep problems such as stiff neck, cervical pain, snoring, and insomnia. Use memory foam pillows to avoid stiff pillows?

Slow rebound memory cotton pillow

The cervical spine and lumbar spine of the human body are forward convex, while the thoracic spine and sacral spine are convex, the overall appearance is a natural S-shaped curve. Therefore, when lying flat, the cervical spine and lumbar spine are easily suspended and need good support, otherwise the two The muscles at the place are stretched, tight and injured.

All kinds of pillows, down pillows, fiber pillows, buckwheat pillows, most of the pillows because of the traditional appearance and common materials, when the bed feels obviously feel the back of the head and the neck is suspended, the empty neck is not supported, sleep up late If the neck is stiff and uncomfortable, it will be stiff and unbearably painful. At this time, Xiao Bian's memory pillow will be nostalgic.

The shape of the memory pillow is that the part that the head touches is relatively low, and the one below the neck is highly convex. Theoretically, the softness of this product's material will change with temperature (that is, the temperature-responsive plastic type, although in actual applications is a big bug), so when the pillow and body contact, because the temperature increases (The human body temperature is higher than the surrounding environment.) The part that comes in contact with the neck will soften, and then it will be recessed along the curve of the neck. The area covered by the head and neck will increase. When the contact area becomes larger, the weight (pressure) force can be dispersed evenly, and a certain point will not be particularly stressed and uncomfortable.

In addition, the memory cotton also has "zero pressure characteristics", which means that the head and body are lying down. The pillows and mattresses will not rebound immediately. In the middle school physics introduction, the force has a reaction force. The rebounded pillows and mattresses will exert pressure on the human body. The memory foam absorbs most of the force and the body feels very little pressure.

It can support, wrap, and almost no reaction force. The pillow of memory cotton material can make the entire head and neck in a light state, not only greatly improves the quality of sleep, but also can effectively relieve the stiff neck due to the distortion of the neck. , insomnia, cervical pain and other issues.