What is Latex mattress function
- Mar 28, 2018 -


Natural latex pillows have thousands of small mesh vents that drain excess heat and moisture from the body. They also promote natural ventilation and provide the best natural air-conditioning system to keep the air in the pillows fresh and healthy. . Every season can remain comfortable.

The latex has a unique molecular structure, good comfort and breathability, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and parasites. The open-type latex porous bladder structure enables air to freely circulate in the mattress and can disperse the skin and mucous during sleep. Feel the heat and sweat generated by the mattress and keep it comfortable and dry during sleep.

Promote sleep

The area of the latex mattress that contacts the human body is much larger than that of the ordinary mattress. It can disperse the human body's weight bearing capacity, achieve full support, and has the function of correcting the sleeping position. Latex mattresses are highly elastic and can meet the needs of people of different weights. Compared with other types of mattresses, latex mattresses do not generate noise, vibration, and sleep. The average weight of the head is sucked up to achieve full support, so that you can sleep comfortably and securely.

Latex mattress style

Strong rebound

In addition, natural latex mattresses that have been foamed using special processes are durable, resilient, and retain their shape for long periods of time. Durable, strong resilience, long shape without deformation, easy to clean, do not provoke dust, fine hair easy to hand or machine washing (washing machine), as long as the dehydration with a fan to dry, or oven drying, never deformed, always clean .

Health and Environmental Protection

Latex, as a high-level raw material for medical science, is harmless to the human body. Does not contain toxic elements. Even in the case of overheating or burning, no toxic substances are produced.

Natural environmental protection is pollution-free. Natural latex products can be decomposed on their own after more than 10 years, returning to nature, and no environmental pollution.

1, the structure of latex bedding is natural latex, 100% anti-mildew antibacterial, to ensure the baby's skin health and prevent skin allergies and upper respiratory tract infections.

2, the characteristics of latex bedding is natural ventilation and fast heat dissipation, so that the air flow, distribute the baby's hot body, let the baby stay cool and comfortable.

3, the inner core made of natural latex, non-toxic, moderate hardness, not easily deformed.

4, fully breathable, average distribution, good air permeability, with ventilation effect, can make the air automatically circulate, quickly dissipate heat, with the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer.

5, soft and moderate, natural pressure dispersion, effective support for the baby's head and neck, modeling the baby's perfect head shape design.

6, can lie on the side, sleeping on the side, does not affect the baby's head type, double-sided symmetrical design, both sides are easy to use.