What kind of person is suitable for using memory pillow
- Apr 23, 2018 -

1, shallow sleep and insomnia and more dreams. Some people have poor sleep quality. They can't sleep at night all night. Even if they are asleep, it is easy to have more dreams. Therefore, in the long run, it will affect normal work and life, and it will make its mental state worse. The design of the memory pillow contains a gel component. The gel has good air permeability and constant temperature, and it is also non-irritating for personal use.

2, snoring or stiff neck. The phenomenon of snoring is still very common in the crowd. I believe many people have this problem. On the one hand, snoring is not only unsightly, it affects other people's rest, and snoring is also a form of “disease” and cannot be ignored. The pillow-type design of the memory pillow can better fit the cervical vertebrae of the human body, and it will not feel uncomfortable during use, and it can be felt at dawn.

3, cervical spondylosis. Cervical spine problems are also a common problem for modern people. Due to the long hours facing the computer, and incorrect walking patterns, coupled with unhealthy sleep, the problem on the cervical spine is even more serious. The memory pillow, as a health pillow, can promote the body's blood circulation during use, and it can also release the pressure of the head and cervical spine, which has a health and relaxation effect on the cervical spine.