2018 US Mattress Sales Will Be More Robust Growth
- Mar 02, 2018 -


The US mattress industry association said that accelerating economic growth and the real estate market warming will bring more robust growth to the US bedding industry by 2018. The forecast shows that the industry has experienced a slight increase in 2017 but will steadily increase by 2018.

According to the latest forecasts, US mattress sales (US $) will increase by 4.5% by 2018, mattress shipments by 3.0%, mattress sales by 5.0% by 2019 and mattress shipments by 3.5% .

ISPA also observed that the bedding industry experienced "major subversion and change" in 17 years. Business consolidation activities in the retail industry have changed the number and location of retail locations, product mix and competition. Long-term manufacturer-retailer relationships have changed. Sales of foldable mattresses, boxed mattresses and e-commerce are also growing as the traditional line between material suppliers, mattress manufacturers and retailers is blurred. "