Advice For Baby's Sleep Safe
- Mar 03, 2018 -


About 3,500 babies die from sleep-related accidents each year in the United States, such as accidental suffocation in cord beds, cordage, and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The American Academy of Pediatrics gives advice on safe sleep and sudden infant death in infants up to one year of age, especially to newborn babies

1. Supine

Tummy sleeping is a risk factor for sudden infant death within one year of age, especially for babies less than 3 months old, and he will not turn over himself.  After the baby will turn over, it is usually already 4 or 5 months after the baby, he may sleep into his own side sleeping or prone, as long as there is nothing else in the bed to plug his breath, we can not specifically turn him back , But we should put him in bed in a supine position whenever we can. Draw the point: the baby will not turn over the back must keep contact with the bed back position.

2. Firm mattress

Sleeping baby on a mattress that is too soft will sink and may be suffocated by covering sheets and other objects. Do not put plush toys, quilts, pillows on the bed for the same reason. If he is asleep in a safety seat or cradle, he should be transferred to a crib as soon as possible, in a safe situation.

3. Do not put the pillow on the bed, plush toys

The reason before mentioned. There is baby clothes, do not have a string, it is best to use sleeping bags. Also avoid using any pad that holds your baby in place.