Does The Plastic Packaging Of The Mattress Need To Be Removed?
- Mar 07, 2018 -

Many people think that the new mattresses do not remove the plastic film can keep the mattress clean, this is the wrong idea. This approach will not only shorten the life of mattresses, mattresses will also make the sleep experience worse, harmful to human health.

That is because that layer of plastic film is just a protective film packaging, the role is to protect the mattress before the sale or transport process will not be dirty. This plastic part must be torn off when buying back home, so that will play the role of the original health care during use.

About one night, the human body discharges a liter or so of water through sweat glands. If it sleeps on a mattress wrapped with plastic film, the moisture will not go away, but will be attached to the quilts and sheets, covering the human body, Not comfortable, increase the number of stand-ups during sleep, affecting sleep quality. Only when the plastic layer is torn off will the bed breathe, the moisture from your body will be let out by the mattress, and the mattress will dissipate the moisture into the air while you are not asleep.

If you do not remove the plastic film, then the mattress can not be breathable and water vapor, sleep for a long time, the mattress is not breathable, more moldy, breeding bacteria and mites.

Long-term moisture will make your internal structure of the mattress rusty, even you turn will creak. And the taste of plastic film will also affect your respiratory system.