How Long Can A Mattress Be Used?
- Mar 22, 2018 -

“How long can a mattress be used? “In fact, as media, business and industry experts have vigorously publicized in recent years, the meaning of mattresses for home spaces has not only been limited to "things under the sheets," but "having a good mattress" has been Become a common understanding of many users.It is just enough to understand the mattress is important?


In a random interview on the streets, more than 90% of users said that while it is important to understand that a good mattress is important, it is not clear how many years it will take for a mattress to retire. Many people decide whether the mattress is still functional continue to use according to the degree mattress surface is damaged. How many years a mattress use more appropriate? What is the standard to determine if a mattress needs to be replaced?


According to the reporter learned that the relevant provisions of the national standard mandatory hotel mattress replacement per 5 years,for household mattresses, there is no special provisions, but we suggested that household mattresses can be replaced according to the use of mattress fatigue.

Beijing Zhao-Yang Hospital, director of Sleep and Breath department, Professor Guo Xiheng said that although many mattresses have their own mattress business standards or shelf-life, but this time does not represent the best time to use; if the spring and the fabric of a mattress are far higher than the national standard, and the height and weight of the user was detected to achieve the most uniform standards, but also in a constant temperature and humidity state, without any maintenance of the mattress of the best service life usually in 5 to 10 years; and this time will change with different mattresses, different physique users and different ways of using.


Mattress life and use is of a great relationship, but this does not seem to be the most standard answer, companies and related fields experts can not come to the definitive answer. However, one suggestion is that we all agree that a mattress has a long service life and actually has a lot to do with how users use the mattress.


Generally speaking,the effective life of home mattresses is generally about 10 years. But the best choice is that a mattress should be replaced after 5 years,if the mattress is used, the user can maintain the mattress, and regular removal of mites and other bacteria, the mattress of the best use of life can be extended; the other hand, the service life of mattress may be greatly reduced. Professor Guo Xiheng also said that even if we intend to replace the mattress for 5 years, we should also provide basic protection to the mattress, for example, do not sleep on the mattress directly and minimize the direct contact between the mattress and the human body. Meanwhile, on a regular basis to flip the mattress or turn the direction , and when the weather is good,you can drying the mattress; In addition, if the regular selection of professionals on the mattress in addition to mites and other professional maintenance,it will greatly increase the best use of mat time.