How To Chooses Baby Bedding
- Jan 23, 2018 -


1. Crib


  • Bed firmness, stability (parts, railings, etc., to ensure that the baby will not turn out).

  • Bed fence spacing can not be wider than 2 & 3/8 inches.

  • The highest edge must be 26 inches above the mattress.

  • Material: hardwood (birch, beech, oak, mahogany, ramin, most strong and expensive), cork (pine, most common), MDF (medium- density fiberboard) ), man-made plate (the cheapest).

  • The number of mattress adjustment layer (common three layers, the highest level to alleviate the waist of parents), and there are safety adjustment card lock.

2. Portable Crib


This portable crib is usually nylon + aluminum tube material, easy to fold, lightweight, suitable for a      short nap, rest, but not for a long time to sleep. General purpose:

Travel destination (suitable for traveling by car).

There is a second place to take care of the baby (grandparents' home or relative's home, etc.).

Need to move at home, take care of the baby in the kitchen cooking, enjoy the cool light in the backyard, party and so on.

3. Crib Mattress


Baby cot and mattress are sold separately, baby mattress selection points:

  • Hardness: baby's spine growth needs mattresses hard enough, can not sleep too soft water bed, sofa bed, do not use cushions, blankets extra support.

  • Fits the size of the crib: there must be no gap between the mattress and the edge of the bed. The size of a standard crib is about 52 "x 27", and the size of a mini crib is about 38 "x 24". Different brands will have an inch and a half inch error, basically is universal.

  • Is it possible to double-sided use: one side of the hard, suitable for small baby; the other side of a little soft, then toddler bed then use, cost-effective.

  • For skin sensitive baby, you can choose organic cotton.

4. Crib Sheets


If the baby's skin is sensitive, it is recommended to choose organic cotton or pure cotton products. General choose deep pocket directly on the mattress a little easier. Don't forget to distinguish between Mini and Standard.

5. Waterproof Crib Pads


If you do not want to wash sheets often, then waterproof mattress is very important. It can be a layer of cushion (Liner / Cover), also buy waterproof sheets / bedspreads, pay attention to the size.