Latex Pillow And Memory Pillow Which Is Good
- Apr 10, 2018 -

Pillows are a guarantee of good sleep. The correct and comfortable pillows can regulate our health. Nowadays there are all kinds of pillows on the market. It is extremely important for us to learn how to distinguish pillows. I introduced to everyone today is the memory pillow and latex pillow contrast. The difference between the memory pillow and the latex pillow lies in the composition of the material, and the material of the latex pillow is natural latex, and the material of the memory pillow is composed of foam, and both have their advantages.

Latex pillow

Latex pillows are made of pure natural latex, with breathability and hygroscopicity, natural environmental protection, non-pollution, non-toxic, anti-mite antibacterial, anti-allergic, with natural anti-bacterial anti-hollowing energy, that is, do not have a good DuPont anti-mite cover It plays a role in flood prevention. However, with high resilience, it does not work well to relieve stress. Because it is a natural material, its service life is relatively long.

Memory Pillow

The memory pillow is a synthetic artificial sponge. It is a family of sponges. It is known as an inert sponge, and its aliases are: slow rebound sponge, memory sponge, zero pressure sponge, space memory sponge, wisdom sponge, etc. Memory Foam, its main ingredient is polyurethane foam plastic. Slow rebound pillows, also known as slow rebound pillows, are pillows made from slow rebound materials. Their function is not to increase people's memory, but because frequently used pillows form the natural shape of a person's head and neck. Most memory pillows are slow rebound pillows.

Memory pillow

What are the features of the memory pillow and latex pillow?

Latex pillow features

1, non-toxic, anti-bacterial anti-bacterial, anti-allergic.

2, latex pillow can effectively improve the cervical spine, lumbar spine and lower blood pressure.

3, strong elasticity, can be a good buffer body pressure.

4, according to ergonomic design, effective in promoting sleep.

5, latex pillow can effectively reduce snoring, suitable for asthma patients.

6, latex pillow can effectively reduce the static electricity generated between the human body and the fiber.

7, honeycomb structure, with good air permeability, rapid dissipation of heat generated by the human body.

8, a high-tech science formula once formed, durable, never deformation.

Memory pillow features

1. Absorb shock and feel like floating on the surface of the water and/or cloud when sleeping on it. The skin does not feel oppressive. It is also called zero pressure. Sometimes when we use ordinary pillows, there will be oppression of the pinna, but it will slow down. This will not happen with a rebound pillow.

2, in accordance with ergonomic design, memory deformation, the ability to automatically shape the head can be fixed, reducing the possibility of stiff neck; automatic shaping ability to fill the shoulder gap properly, to avoid the shoulders of common problems leaked by the nest, can effectively prevent cervical spine problems. Natural environmental protection, no pollution.

Comparison of memory pillows and latex pillows:

Latex pillow: Due to its soft texture, it is more comfortable to sleep. Especially when the head shape of a child is not yet optimal, it is indisputable for most people to use the unclear effect of medicine.

Memory pillow: Because the arc is made according to the ergonomics (need to get the body to get the right balance when the neck needs a relatively large support), the torsion of the skeleton during lying and tumbling is more moderately buffered. The use of memory pillows usually has an excellent improvement.

Suggestion: Young people and infants use latex pillows, and the elderly and the bones are vulnerable to the use of memory pillows