Mattress Related Terms-1
- Mar 08, 2018 -

Anti-Microbial Fiber and Foam

Fiber or Foam that has been treated to prevent the growth of bacteria, dust mites, mold, and fungi.


Several layers of Cotton Felt.

Bed Frame 

A metal or wood frame used to support the mattress and/or Foundation. Usually comes with legs and wheels (known as castors) with a conventional height of 7 1/4 inches. All Queen and King frames must have a center support bar and center leg for proper support (and in some cases so as not to void the Warranty)

Bed Rails 

shaped metal or wood sides of a Bed Frame that hold the mattress in place.

Blended Latex

Type of Latex produced from a blend of natural and synthetic latex. Often claimed to combine the Elasticity of Natural Latex with the consistent quality and Durability of Synthetic Latex.

Bonnell Coil

The original and standard Innerspring Mattress Coil design, characterized by hourglass shaped springs. 

Border Rod

The heavy wire that surrounds the perimeter of an Innerspring Unit or Box Spring, maintaining its shape by connecting the outer layer of coils to the ends of the Helicals. Also known as border wire.