Pocket Springs - The Main Material For The Mattress Market
- Mar 13, 2018 -

At present, independent pocket spring mattresses occupy most of the spring mattress market and have become a trend for spring mattresses.


The independent pocket spring prevents noise, a single spring is sealed in the fiber pockets, the friction between the spring and the spring is isolated by the fabrics, the independent noiseless spring mattress creates a quiet and comfortable night for the sleeper, using the refining steel as a spring raw material, high-carbon steel has extremely light weight and strong bearing capacity. Sleepers can feel soft without losing their softness.


Independent tube springs are unique in their arrangement of individual springs connected in series. Independent pocket spring adopts refined high carbon steel as spring raw material. This kind of spring raw material has the advantages of stability and moderate hardness. It can bring the smooth advantages of spring mattresses to the extreme, moderate softness and hardness.

The other honeycomb type independent tube spring mattress uses the same spring raw material, but uses a staggered arrangement on the independent cylinder arrangement, reduces the gap between the springs, can reduce the traction on the mattress surface, and improve the bed Pad support performance and elasticity. Honeycomb spring mattresses have a high degree of sleep comfort and are generally used as hotel soft beds. Usually high-end hotels use honeycomb independent spring mattresses.