Quilted Fabric Waste&foam Cutting Machine
- Apr 05, 2018 -

Product Description

Quilted fabric waste&foam Cutting machine BC1007-B-3
1.Suitable for upholstery,sofa,mattress,toy,separate packing material waste recycling.,Mostly used to cut the quilted fabric waste and foam waste into regular pieces so that the waste material can be used in foam reproduction or to be filling stuff. 
2.To make full use of waste materials:Quilted fabric waste,mattress cover waste,foam sponge,non-woven clpth,glue-spray cotton.pleated cotton. 
3.The cutting blade is very shape and durable. 
4.The traditional way of processing waste material is to tear or shred the materials into irregular pieces with much podwer raising;While BC1007-B-3 adopts the adbanced technology to cut the material into regular pieces.No dust during processing,low noise,good to health&environment. 
5.Use 3 series cutters to cut the material,can cut the thick materials into uniform pieces. 

Working width500mm250mm
Cutting size(width)8mm8mm
Manageable thickness<=130mm<=100mm
Capacity250-300kg/h(cutting foam waste)
125-160kg/h(cutting quilted fabric waste)
125-150kg/h(cutting foam waste)
65-130kg/h(cutting quilted fabric waste)
Net weight1300kg1050kg