Smart Mattresses
- Feb 17, 2018 -

Smart mattresses may be the next darling today, when smartphones are so popular.  When electric engineering, intelligent remote control and other high-tech quietly into the mattress industry, it is now able to automatically adapt to the needs of the human body bedding.

In the latest technology mattress, the designer according to the human head, neck, shoulder, vertebra, waist, hip, leg, the mattress is divided into seven different areas, and thus designed a series of automatic adapt to different States of the human body intelligent wireless remote control bedding.  When you stand up for a day and your legs are sore, you can lift the mattress at the leg position up 5 - 10 degrees to reverse the flow of blood in your body, speed up the flow of blood in your legs, and eliminate fatigue more quickly.  If you snore easily while you're sleeping, use the remote control to lift the mattress on your head 5 - 10 degrees to prevent the tongue from blocking your respiratory tract.  When you want to lie in bed and watch TV, you can raise your head to the mattress at the waist by 45 degrees …

There are also designers who attach great importance to the sleeping aid of massage and music.  Bed is equipped with mini speaker cabinet, sound will regularly ring and stop melody gently hypnotic music, can let a person unconsciously sleep.  In addition, the designer also developed a secret weapon to help sleep - massage mattress, this kind of massage mattress made of memory cotton and sponge material, contains a number of soft massagers, respectively, can massage the neck shoulder, waist, legs and other parts of the human body.  Although the intensity is very light, it is difficult to achieve acupuncture point massage sting effect, but also can let a person relax body and mind, adjust breathing, sleep early.