The Relationship Between The Mattress And The Quality Of Sleep
- Mar 22, 2018 -

Many people because of various factors lead to long-term lack of sleep, poor sleep, difficulty falling asleep and other conditions, we all think that these quality problems occur because of the pressure of life today, working family unhappy reasons, some people have long been to eat sleeping pills to help sleep, not only will bring harm to the body, but also dependence on insomnia drugs, which is very scary. In fact, a good mattress to help people sleep a great deal, one-third of the people are spent in bed, have a mattress for your own, will greatly enhance your sleep.


Long-term low quality of sleep can lead to what consequences?

1. Adolescents due to sleep quality will directly affect the body growth.

2. In the elderly will lead to long-term insomnia high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction and other diseases outbreaks much higher than usual.

3. It will lead to diminished human immunity, enable the body to accelerate aging, shorten life expectancy. 10 pm to 2 am, is the most active cell necrosis and neonatal time, this time without sleep, cell metabolism will be affected, people will accelerate aging.

4. Insufficient sleep at night lead to work during the day without spirit, dizziness, memory loss, reduce work efficiency.

5. Serious sleep quality problems may be depression through the long-term development .

The function of mattress is to ensure that consumers get a healthy and comfortable sleep. Good mattress has two standards:

(1) No matter what kind of sleep posture, the spine can be kept at the same level to make the spine difficult to deform.

(2) The pressure is equal, mattress can effectively support the body weight, but also to disperse the pressure of the human body and promote rapid human sleep.

(3) The choice of material for mattress making, through strict quality control, from the source to eliminate formaldehyde and other substances that endanger the human body, in order to ensure the true health of sleep.


We must face up to the importance of quality of sleep, choose a comfortable mattress will help sleep quality. And sleep affects people's health, having a good sleep will make people have a good physical condition. Choose a healthy mattress will directly affect the quality of sleep.