Tips For Choosing A Mattress
- Mar 22, 2018 -

One-third of one's life is spent in sleep. The four hallmarks that measure whether people have "healthy sleep" are: adequate sleep time, good sleep quality, easy sleep, and continuous sleep without interruption.

A good mattress will not only make people have a comfortable sleep, but also good for the body. In general, long-term erroneous sleeping positions, especially those with poor mattresses, can cause displacement of the vertebrae, thus stimulating the internal nerves of the spine, causing the organs under the control of the nerves to gradually lose their normal functions. Mattress is too hard not only oppression of the human body back nerve, will also affect the normal circulation of blood, a long time will cause back pain and sciatica.

With the development of society, people's life faster and faster, life pressure is also increasing, so at the same time, the quality of people's sleep has been affected, so choose a comfortable mattress for yourself to become the majority of cities Life people's wishes. So how to choose the right mattress? Sleep quality is closely related to the quality of the mattress, consumers can choose from the mattress mattress permeability, decompression, support, obedience, bed tension, Sleep temperature and sleep humidity and other aspects to buy the right type, high quality mattresses.


Commonly used standards :

1. Judge from the smell of the mattress

Mattresses made of natural materials, such as mountain brown, pure latex pad, green people enjoys popular support, but its cost is high, many counterfeiters often use formaldehyde compounds or plastic foam padding as a natural mattress. We need high quality mattresses that smell unobtrusive.


2. Judging from the mattress fabric work

To see the quality of a mattress, you need to observe the surface of the fabric. High-quality fabric feel comfortable, and relatively flat, no obvious wrinkles, there is no jumper and so on. And mattress formaldehyde excessive problems often come from the mattress fabric, so it is worth attention.


3. Judge from internal material or filler

Mattress quality is mainly depends on the quality of its internal materials and fillers, so to observe the inherent quality of the mattress. If the interior of the mattress is zip-lock, look at the internal processes, the number of primary materials, such as whether the main spring has six turns, the spring is rusty, and the interior of the mattress is clean.


4. Mattress should be moderate hardness

Good mattress hardness to moderate. Because only a moderate degree of soft and hard mattress, can the perfect support every part of the body, is conducive to the health of the spine. The quality of the mattress is not in its hardness, good mattress hardness according to the age of the object of use, weight, sleep habits to reference.