Tips For Improving Sleep Quality
- Jan 22, 2018 -

image.png1.Correct and regular nap. The time to control the nap in 10-45 minutes, so that the human body is still in the first and second phases of sleep, have not yet entered the deep sleep, wake up still feel energetic. If the nap takes too long, the body will go deep into sleep and the body temperature will drop, so wake up will still be very sleepy.

2. Wake up at the end of the sleep cycle. That is, wake up when the REM, but this requires repeated groping, try to find the right time to sleep. If you feel uncomfortable when you feel awake, try to go to bed early or sleep later than usual 20 or 40 minutes, and you will eventually find a suitable sleep time. This also involves a third goal, as much as possible to reduce sleep time.

3. Do not sleep late on weekends. Sleep late will reduce the exposure to the sun, making night's sleep less willing to change the body temperature rhythm and lead to insomnia. In addition, most of the time to sleep late in the second phase and the REM state, not very good for the body. 

4.  Develop a regular wake up and sleep time. If you get up at different times of the day, it will affect the body temperature rhythm, which is equivalent to you every morning in the inverted time difference. 

5.  Stay away from caffeine, nicotine and alcohol.

6 . Drink 2 liters of water daily, do not drink beverages, especially carbonated drinks. Water scarcity mainly affects the bloodstream, and the blood can be viscous and therefore can not carry oxygen to various parts of the body, causing people to feel tired, lack energy, and the immune system's ability to decline. In addition, the higher the body moisture content, the easier it is to control body temperature. 

7.  Eat less dinner. People's digestive system will slow down at night, making food digestion more difficult, but also dispersed energy, affecting sleep quality. 

8.  Supine or lateral. Leaning on the important organs will produce unnecessary pressure. 

9.  Resolve the pressure of life.