When Need To Replace The New Mattress
- Mar 22, 2018 -


Many people think that as long as the mattress is not damaged, you do not have to change. But in general, the effective life of spring mattresses is about 10 years. Ten years after the mattress due to long-term pressure on the spring, making its flexibility has undergone some changes, resulting in the body and the bed at this time the fit has dropped off, so that the human spine can not get the most effective support at the place In a bent state. So even if there is no local damage, or should be replaced in time the new mattress.


1. Itchy skin

If you are puzzled by skin itching, it is most likely because of poor mattresses. Poor mattresses are usually not treated with anti-mites, which cause a range of skin problems.


2. Back pain backache in the morning

If you wake up after a night of sleep, get up in the morning and still feel uncomfortable, often with backache, fatigue and other symptoms, this time to properly check your bed mattress. A suitable mattress for your body can relax, physical recovery quickly; the other hand, an unsuitable mattress will subtly affect your health.


3. Sleep time is getting shorter

If you wake up in the morning for a longer time than usual, this indicates a serious problem with your mattress. Mattresses used for a long time will reduce the comfort, internal structure deformation, can not properly support your body, serious or even cause spondylosis.


4. Sleep easily wake up at midnight

If two or three nights always wake up naturally, wake up and then fall asleep more slowly, and has been dreaming, the quality of sleep is quite poor. A good mattress can sleep more efficiently, so you can sleep less than eight hours a day.


5. lying in bed for a long time can not sleep

Many people complain that in the evening, lying in bed is always turning around hard to sleep, it will directly affect the normal work and life the next day. A good mattress can help you improve sleep, make the body's blood circulation smoothly, turn down the number of times, easy to sleep.


6. always feel the bed is not flat

Tumbling in bed and found the body obvious depression, or always feel the bed is not flat, which shows the maturity of the mattress expired. Such a mattress can not support the body evenly, so that the deformation of the human spine, in particular, will make the elderly joint pain, deformation of children's bones.


7. Body movement can hear obvious noise

When you sleep, you can hear the noise from the bed. This is because the mattress spring is damaged, its material and structure are destroyed, resulting in unable to support the body weight, so that the mattress can no longer continue to use.